Virtual Meeting: Basic Controls

Learn about the basic controls and buttons for your video meeting

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Banty has a lot of interesting features, but sometimes you just need to have a basic video call. You only really need three of Banty's screen controls to do that. The microphone button, the camera button, and the call termination button.

(Please see the photo at the bottom of this article to see where these three buttons are located within the virtual meeting room.)

The Microphone Button

  1. The microphone button is the main audio button and displays a microphone, with a sub-button shaped like an arrow head attached. It is the left-most button on the lower-panel of the screen.

  2. Clicking the microphone icon itself will toggle your options to mute and unmute yourself.

  3. Clicking the sub-button will reveal microphone and speaker details and allow you to check both microphone and speaker performance.

The Camera Button

  1. The camera button has a main button represented by a camera icon and a sub-button on top of it represented by an arrowhead.

  2. If you want to turn off your camera or turn it back on, you can directly click the camera icon.

  3. If you want some details about your camera, click the arrowhead sub-button attached to the camera icon.

The Call Termination Button

  1. This button displays a horizontal landline telephone receiver to the right-most of the bottom panel. This button allows you to leave the meeting. If you’re the host, it also allows you to end the meeting for everyone.

A) Microphone

B) Camera

C) Terminate Call

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