Meeting security is important. At Banty, we understand that. That's why everyone on the call can see if the meeting room is locked or unlocked. Anyone can enter an unlocked meeting room without waiting for permission from the host, or a moderator. Entering a locked meeting room requires the host's or moderator's permission.

The default for any Banty meeting is to be locked. Locked rooms are useful for meetings where confidentiality is paramount, such as a doctor virtually meeting with a patient, since healthcare professionals must safeguard their patients' privacy.

A host or moderator can unlock the room for a multi-party meeting where privacy and confidentiality are not a major concern. For example, a public online auction. Unlocking rooms during more public virtual meetings spares the host (or moderator) from individually permitting a large number of individuals in the room at various points during a virtual meeting.

1. A locked room is indicated by a closed lock indicator to your left. If you're a host, this indicator doubles as a button. Click that button to unlock your meeting room. As a patient or guest, you can ask the meeting host to unlock your meeting room.

2. An unlocked room is indicated by an open lock indicator in the same place the locked room indicator is. Again, the host can use this indicator as a button, and if you're a guest or patient, and you'd feel more comfortable with a locked room, you can ask your meeting's host to lock your meeting room.

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