The Create Poll Button

To your left, below the Participants' button, there is a button which displays a bar graph. This is the 'Create Poll' button to poll meeting participants.

You can use it to collect data for questions later, rather than verbally asking and manually writing down the answers of each participant. You can post the question in the general meeting chat or ask it verbally to everybody in general. At this point in time, Banty products do not enable preparing a poll ahead of a meeting. Only guests can vote in polls.

  1. When you click the 'Create Poll' button, you will be given a number of standard options. Select one of them.

  2. Selecting an option will display the poll results in real time on the host's end.

  3. On the guests' end, to the right of the screen, the options to vote on will be displayed.

  4. When guests vote on a polling option, the poll display disappears on their end.

  5. As the host, you see the results reflected in real time to the left of your screen. You can also see the participant responses below the results. When you click 'Publish Results,' the poll results are displayed on the guests' end again.

  6. Selected options fill up with a new colour when the polls are published to the guests, depending on the number of participants who chose that option.

When the polls are published, this information can be captured via screenshot or via the meeting recording feature Banty provides. As a host, you could also choose the Custom Poll feature rather than polling your guests with standard answers.

Choosing the 'Custom Poll' feature will allow you to offer your guests more specific options.

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