How to Share Your Screen with Other Participants

Three of Banty's Screen Sharing options, available with one click on your screen.

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Share Your Screen

Screen sharing is useful for many things. For example, you may want to give a slide presentation to someone a few thousand miles away. Or even just down the street.

  1. The button to share your screen is to the right of the camera button, in the lower panel. It is shaped like a monitor with an arrow inside and enables three of Banty’s 'Screen Share' features.

  2. Select one of a number of easy screen sharing features:

a. Sharing your "Entire Screen" allows you to show other participants in your virtual appointment what you're doing on your screen in real time. It's useful for walking people through test results (for physicians) or website demonstrations (for business professionals).

b. Sharing a 'Window' or a 'Browser Tab' allows you to share only particular parts of your screen whilst keeping anything else private. A window can be a PDF program, a word document, a directory location, or anything else.

For sharing a 'Window' or 'Browser Tab' to continue working, don't minimize the window or browser tab that you want to share when you need to access something else on your monitor.

Minimizing the 'Window' or 'Browser Tab' you are sharing leaves meeting participants with a solid black screen.

Instead, access other applications from the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, so that meeting participants can continue to see your desired window or browser tab.

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