All the features present in Banty Personal are available in Banty Medical, Banty Business and Banty Enterprise. However, some features available in the latter three aren’t available across the board. Let us tell you a little more about these features.

  1. Banty Business

    Banty Business comes with two user licenses, allowing Banty virtual meeting rooms for two members of your organization. You can also increase your subscription size to add more meeting rooms later on.

    Each of these meeting rooms come with customizable waiting rooms to welcome your guests. You may brand these waiting rooms in any way you choose. You also get a third waiting room, just for your organization, which you may brand however you see fit as well.

    The best part is, the Banty meeting rooms for anyone in your organization can be listed in your Banty waiting room! That way your guests can find anyone they need in your organization from your corporate waiting room. You could also hide your meeting room from your organization’s waiting room if you choose.

  2. Banty Medical

    The user licensing and virtual room allotment for Banty Medical are almost identical to those for Banty Business. The main difference and Banty Medical’s unique feature; is that Banty Medical currently offers a toggle option to “Adhere to Ontario Health's standards for virtual visit solutions”.

    Once this option is selected, a few of Banty’s features are automatically altered to function per the regulations Ontario Health has in place for telemedical platforms. For example, your platform guests are considered patients.

    When guests normally check in they’re just prompted for their names. When patients check in they’re also prompted for their date of birth.

  3. Banty Enterprise

    Banty Enterprise has some similarities to Banty Business, but you start out with a whopping 25 user licenses!

    The main difference between Banty Enterprise and Banty Business, or Banty Medical, is that Banty Enterprise is built to connect larger teams with both each other and their organization’s clients and associates.

    Because of that, our team will sometimes help customize the interface for individual Banty Enterprise accounts to very specific settings.

These are the main differences between each Banty account. Decide which one is for you, and view more details about all of our solutions here.

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