To empower administrators to make changes for their organizations, we added some additional tabs to the profile of your organization’s Banty account administrator. To start with, navigate to your settings as illustrated here.

  1. If you’re the account administrator for a Banty Medical or Banty Business account, you can make changes to your organization's account from the Organization Profile tab, the Users tab and the Billing tab.

  2. Clicking the Organization Profile tab gives you a number of direct options.

    You can change your organization's location, choose whether to display a scheduling message in your organization's virtual waiting room. If you have a Banty Virtual Medicine account, this is also where you may choose to Adhere to Ontario Health's standards for virtual visit solutions.

  3. Clicking Customize in the Organization Room section allows you to customize your organization’s name, Banty room address (URL), profile and cover photos, along with its location, headline, description, and phone number.

    You can make changes there almost identically to the way you make them under "Customize my Room" as illustrated in this article.

  4. The Users tab takes you to the User Directory. Here, you can invite new users to your organization. If you want to add more users than your organization subscribed for, you will be given the option to subscribe for more.

  5. The Billing tab will open a page where you can view your billing plan with Banty.

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