If your Apple operating system is a macOS Catalina 10.15, or a later version, you'll need to enable screen sharing or video call recording by granting the Screen Recording permission in System Preferences.

This is a security requirement determined by the software on your computer.

1. When logging in to a Banty video call from a device using macOS, a macOS popup may ask if you'd like to grant access for Screen Recording. Click "Open System Preferences."

If the popup doesn't appear automatically, you'll need to open System Preferences yourself. Navigate to the "Security & Privacy" options and then select "Screen Recording" on the sidebar.

2. Once the Screen Recording section is opened, select the box beside Google Chrome to permit screen sharing and recording during your virtual meeting with Banty. You might be asked to click the lock/unlock icon at the bottom left corner.

3. After that, select "Quit Now." Note: this will disconnect you from your Banty call if one is in progress. Screen sharing will not be possible until you quit Google Chrome and restart it.

4. Log back into your Banty virtual meeting and begin screen sharing.

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