When your medical clinic or business creates an organizational Banty page, you have the option of being listed upon it, or not.

Being listed on this page will confirm to others that you are part of a certain medical clinic or business. This can be helpful and present great transparency.

However, some professionals - depending on the industry - will not find it necessary to have themselves listed on their medical clinic or businesses' organizational page.

No matter which perspective you agree most with, it is easy to list and unlist yourself from your Banty organization page.

  1. To list or unlist yourself on your organization's Banty page, start by navigating to the "Personal profile" tab under Settings, as shown in this previous article.

  2. Toggle and untoggle the "Show me on the [Organization's Name] page" button.

Are you on/off your organization's page? Hopefully you made the right choice. If anything changes and you need to choose again, simply repeat the easy process above.

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