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How to Customize Your Personal Meeting Room
How to Customize Your Personal Meeting Room
Learn more about what can be done to make your online meeting room unique to you.
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Once your account has been created, it’s time to customize your Banty room. Let us walk you through how to make this space your own.

Customizing your Banty room is useful. It not only helps patients recognize that they’ve entered the right virtual appointment space, it can also help a clinic share pertinent information with patients (i.e., upcoming flu shots, hours of operation, etc.)

Most importantly, though, customizing your Banty room humanizes the virtual medicine experience through the use of a clinic’s familiar and friendly branding.

Let us walk you through how to make your room shine:

Getting Started

From your Dashboard, click on the account name in the upper right corner. Tap 'Settings' in the dropdown menu.

Next, you will land on your Settings page.

On the left of the page, click the 'Customize Room' menu option.

In the Customize Room section, you will see a list of features in which you can customize to match your personal style, or to reflect your clinic’s branding.

Tap the “Save” button at the top left hand corner of the screen to ensure your changes have been saved.

For the best experience, we recommend using your laptop or desktop computer to complete the customization process.

Room Link URL

Upon signing up for Banty, you created a custom room address (i.e., However, it can be changed at any time.

Simply click on the pencil icon and enter a new custom room address.

After you type in a new custom room address, we will tell you whether or not that URL is already in use.

Once your room address has been successfully changed, it’ll automatically be applied to your account.

Whenever a change has been made to your room address, please be sure to update your patients. This will ensure that they always have an easy way to access an appointment with your clinic.

About Me

To change your Display Image, upload a photo from your computer.

For your Display Name, type in your first and last name. You will also be asked whether or not to include the “Dr.” title with your name.

Next, create a Waiting Room Headline to welcome patients and/or associates to your virtual waiting room. You can also add a Display Tagline that will appear under your Display Name.

Brand Color

Select a Brand Color from the palette provided. We recommended choosing a color synonymous with your medical clinic’s logo and/or marketing materials.


You can choose to customize your Banty room background in a multitude of ways, including:

  1. Select your Brand Colour to serve as the Background

  2. Select a Custom Colour that is different from that of your Brand Color

  3. Select an Unsplash Image (from a library of photo stock options)

  4. Select a Custom Image which can be uploaded from your computer, smartphone, or tablet


The Description section of your Banty room can be used as a way to share more information about your professional credentials, or general information related to your medical clinic.

(If you are not interested in creating a Description, unclick the ‘Enable Description’ checkbox)

To begin creating your Description, tap the ‘Open Editor’ button.

A new window will open. It will look similar to a screen you would see when opening a Word document.

Here, you are able to write - or copy and paste - a message for those in your virtual waiting room. Links, photos and videos can also be added by clicking on the ‘Insert’ menu heading.

Several formatting options are available to you, meaning you can creatively decide how your Description is displayed.

When finished, tap the ‘Done’ button.

External Links

Use this section to share relevant website and/or social media links with patients in your virtual waiting room.

To include multiple links, tap on the ‘Add a Link’ button.

Form Options

This section allows you to ask those entering your meeting room to provide specific pieces of information like their first and last names, as well as date of birth.

You can select from Banty’s list of predefined input fields, or you can create your own. Tap the ‘Add Field’ button to begin customizing your Form.

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