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Banty Virtual Clinic's Primary Features
Banty Virtual Clinic's Primary Features
Read more about some of Banty's online clinic features.
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With Banty Virtual Clinic, you can conduct online doctor’s appointments in a streamlined manner that’s easy for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

For years, doctors have been trying their best to treat patients remotely either over the phone, or via video conference solutions that use complicated meeting room links and passwords. Banty has come up with a better way.

Custom Banty Room Address

Each medical clinic gets to create a custom Banty room address. This is the only link patients will need in order to access their online appointment. A clinic can change this room address when/if necessary.

Clinic Dashboard

The dashboard allows the clinical team to see which patients are waiting to check in for their virtual appointment, as well as those waiting to be seen; past sessions; a list of online/offline clinical staff members; and pertinent notifications.

Patient Queue

Clinical staff share the same dashboard view and can see patients who have entered the virtual clinic for their appointment. Staff can create filters to focus only on the patients assigned to them, or all patients in general.

Patient Profile

Clinics can log patient meeting activity including when an appointment began, how long it lasted, who they were transferred to, and notes shared amongst staff. These details can be downloaded at the end of an appointment.

Custom and Shared Rooms

Clinics can create an unlimited number of custom rooms for select staff members to use. This enables other clinic staff to conduct an appointment with a patient whose assigned doctor is running late, or unavailable.

Peer-to-Peer Communication

Clinic staff can conduct audio calls with one another, or interact in a text chat format. To facilitate a private discussion regarding a patient, a staff member can add notes to the patient profile for others on the team to read.


Email, SMS and push notifications ensure that you are alerted as soon as a patient is ready to see you. Users can customize their notifications under ‘Settings.’

Versatile Video Feed

Adjust the bandwidth of your video call so that it’s in-tune with your Internet speed. For poor connections, calls can be converted to audio only.

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