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Customizing Your Banty Virtual Clinic URL
Customizing Your Banty Virtual Clinic URL

Customizing your clinic's URL will make it easier for patients to access their online doctor's appointments.

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To make it easy for patients to enter a virtual medical appointment with you, you have the ability to create a custom Banty Virtual Clinic URL.

After creating your account and inviting clinical team members to join, you will see a prompt that reads “Get your Patients to visit you virtually.” Here, you will find a default URL Banty created on your behalf. If you do not like the URL provided, it can be easily changed.

To make the adjustment, select the “Change URL” option in the prompt. You will be taken to your account settings page.

Here, click the “Change URL” option located at the bottom right of the screen. You will see a message appear asking if you indeed want to change your URL. If you do, click the appropriate button.

After entering your new URL into the designated field, save changes.

Moving forward, this will be the URL you provide to all patients you have virtual appointments with.

If for any reason you need to change your unique Banty Virtual Clinic URL, be sure to notify your patients immediately to avoid any potential confusion.

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