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How a Patient Can Navigate Their Virtual Doctor’s Appointment
How a Patient Can Navigate Their Virtual Doctor’s Appointment

Learn how to maneuver through your online doctor's appointment.

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After the administrative team has checked you in, you will be connected to the doctor.

Once the doctor is available, they will enter the video chat. Here, you will be able to interact with one another as you would during a typical in-person medical appointment.

The doctor will appear in the large video screen, while your video feed is visible to you in the upper right corner of the screen.

During the call, you can also exchange text chat messages with the healthcare professional, as well as share your screen, adjust your video performance settings. You can even invite a loved one to participate in the appointment with you.

If necessary, you can also turn off your camera or microphone, by clicking the designated buttons that hover near the bottom of the video screen.

The red button on your menu bar ends the call.

Meanwhile, the white icon in the lower right corner of the screen can be used to access the Banty Virtual Clinic help section resources.

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