Once a virtual appointment begins, you will have a number of features that can be used throughout the call.

Let’s first look at the main menu bar featured at the bottom of the video screen. It features these five controls (from L to R):

Microphone: Tap this button to turn your microphone on or off.

Camera: Tap this button to turn your microphone on or off.

Share Screen: Tap this button to share an entire screen or tab with a patient. This is ideal if you need to present patients with written information or test results.

Performance Settings: Tap this button to adjust the video quality of your call. If the Internet connectivity is strong, keep this setting at “Highest Quality.” If connectivity is poor, move the dial closer to the “Audio Only” option.

Invite: Tap this button and fill out the fields in order to invite another party to this virtual appointment. For instance, this can be used if a patient requests having a loved one attend the call with them.

Additional in-call features include:

Text Chat: Use this feature to communicate via text with a patient. This is perfect if there is a link in which you need to share with a patient during their appointment.

Hold Visit: Tap this button to pause an appointment if necessary.

Transfer: Tap this button to transfer a patient back to another HCP or receptionist at your clinic.

End Virtual Visit: Tap this button to end the patient’s appointment.

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