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How to Manage Account Users
How to Manage Account Users

Learn more about how to adjust staff roles, as well as invite new users.

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From the dashboard, click on your photo icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Once the dropdown menu appears, select 'Settings.'

You will be taken to your Personal Info page. On the left, scroll down the menu options and click on the one for 'Manage Users.'

On the Manage Users page, you will see a list of staff members using your Banty Virtual Clinic account.

You can adjust their settings by clicking the bolded role button to the far right of their names.

To add staff to the account, select the 'Invite New Users' button.

Here, you will be asked to enter in the name, email address and role of each person you would like to give virtual clinic access to.

When finished, select the 'Send Invitation, button.

Those you invited will soon receive an email asking them to accept your invitation to the virtual clinic.

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