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Banty Referral Program
Banty Referral Program

Refer a colleague: both get two free months with Banty!

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Banty's referral program allows you to give and receive two free months of Banty to help out other healthcare professionals.

When you refer a friend to Banty, they get two free months of the service and receive special support from our team because you referred them. By helping another physician or clinic, you can enable them to better serve their patients and you also benefit from the referral.

Our offer to existing Account Owners

As the account owner of Banty, if you refer a colleague to the service, both you and the referred account will receive two free months once the new account begins paying.

Accounts will receive a credit on their next billing cycle, equal in value to two months of their Banty subscription.

How to refer another HCP or clinic to Banty

To refer another healthcare professional or clinic to Banty (thank you for helping us grow!), from the Dashboard, click the Help Icon to start a chat with the Banty team. We'll create your unique gift code, which you can share to interested colleagues.

When you share the code, your referees can enter it into their Banty account to indicate that they were referred by you and to claim their free months of the service.

Applying a gift code as a new customer

To apply a gift code to your Banty account, follow these steps:

  1. Click the user dropdown menu in the top right of the app.

  2. Select the Settings option.

  3. Click on the Billing tab.

  4. Click on the Upgrade Now button.

  5. Enter your gift code and click Apply.

You'll need to complete the payment process in order for the free two months to be applied.


To apply a gift code, you can do so during your trial period, or up until day 90 of your paid subscription. This can be done through the Billing page in Settings or by contacting a member of the Banty team.

Please note that referred accounts must be new users. The credit you receive through the referral program is non-transferable, has no cash value, and is awarded at the sole discretion of Banty.

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