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How do I connect with my clinic or health care provider on Banty?
How do I connect with my clinic or health care provider on Banty?
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Banty is a secure online platform that lets you connect with your doctor or other healthcare providers for scheduled or urgent appointments. Follow these simple steps to connect to your appointment using a website address provided by your healthcare provider.

Step 1: Find Your Clinic ID

To join your appointment, you'll need a Clinic ID. This is a unique code that identifies your healthcare provider's virtual clinic. You can find it in the website address (URL) that your healthcare provider gives you. If you don't have a URL or Clinic ID, please contact your clinic by phone.

Step 2: Connect to Your Appointment

Open your internet browser on your computer or mobile device and type in the URL provided by your healthcare provider. For example, if your Clinic ID is "drsmith," type "" into the address bar and press Enter or Go.

Step 3: Use the Banty App on Mobile Devices

If you're using a smartphone or tablet, you'll be asked to download the Banty app to join your appointment. Install the app, then enter the Clinic ID to connect.

Important Note on Banty Virtual Walk-In Clinic Service

Banty also offers a virtual walk-in clinic service in Ontario for people who can't otherwise receive medical treatment. But please note that this service cannot redirect you to your scheduled appointment. Be sure to use the Clinic ID provided by your healthcare provider to join your specific appointment.

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